Equine Images

by Christiane Slawik

Award-winning, renowned equine photographer Christiane Slawik combines the joy of photography and artistic inspiration with her passion for horses. The Website announces her as one of the ten best Equine photographers in the world.

Her dynamic, emotional photographs have that distinctive trait and are exhibited on more than 100 cover pages and in more than 20 calendars all around the world every year.

Horse-owners or breeders as well as the participants in her photo workshops are thrilled by her infinite know-how, passion and creativity. The photographs clearly demonstrate her equine-background and talent in the arts. The photographs will touch your soul! Christiane Slawik’s spectacular images uniquely capture the temperament, charm and character of each individual animal in perfection, be it a stunning sports or show horse or a normal, everyday horse. In addition to the popular motifs requested by publishers and customers, Christiane Slawik offers her clients and audiences ‘that special something’. One customer enthusiastically said: ’You haven’t portrayed my horse as everybody sees him, but how only I see him in my heart!’

In 2008, her book ‚Horse: A Portrait‘ received the Benjamin Franklin Award for the ‚best animal book‘ in the US. Almost Every year, new Coffe-table books are being published in various countries.


by Christiane Slawik

Are you looking for someone to take unique photographs of your beloved horse?

Christiane Slawiks years of professional experience guarantees world-class photographs that capture the natural and emotive beauty that your horse deserved and needs. Her professional work, artistic view and her ability to create one-of-a-kind portraits have already impressed customers from every corner of the globe. If you are interested, please send us your contact details via email (contact form) as well as a detailed description of your stable and horses.
A successful photography shoot needs detailed planning and preparation so Christiane will contact you to discuss further steps. Any commission work involves professional suggestions and information that turns the shooting day into an enjoyable and successful event for both people and horses.

A minimum of five horses are needed to book private shootings.

We charge the common professional photographer fees per day, plus expenses.

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Equine Photography Workshops

by Christiane Slawik

Christiane Slawik offers very special Phototainment journeys on exotic locations all around the world and intensive equine photography weekend-workshops where participants will gain invaluable experience and raise their photographic skills to a higher level. Every workshop offers a unique experience. Special breeds, stunning locations and beautiful equine models are characteristic for all the events. Christiane communicates her sound knowledge with ease and the participants can actively use the techniques she shares later on.

The workshops have a three-part structure with theoretical and practical training in equine photography. Christiane illustrates basic photographical terms and principles as she explains how to handle a camera correctly. She demonstrates the tricks of professional photographers and gives hints of how to shoot the perfect photo without time-wasting digital enhancement afterwards. No matter if you are an absolute freshman or already an ambitious amateur photographer, you will finish the workshop with tons of new skills. Christiane is able to teach participants the most advanced photography methods and techniques in a simple and concise way so you leave feeling inspired.
Meet the always positive and upbeat woman who fell in love with horses in her early childhood and who has traveled around the world photographing breeds most other equine photographers have never seen or even heard about before. Benefit from her unlimited knowledge about horses and equine photography that she has acquired throughout decades of devoted work in this genre. Gain a multitude of helpful information, experience unforgettable moments, develop your creativity, explore surprising details and most of all, learn how to take the perfect photo in any situation and with any horse. After the workshop you will return home with a large amount of knowledge and inspiration, see the world of equine photography through different eyes and profit from the weekend’s experiences for a long time to come.

These events are for amateur photographers only. The workshops are organised privately and the hosts for each workshop book Christiane as the instructor for these events. Requirements for our 12 participants: Interest in horses and/or photography, digital camera, 200mm lense (if possible), laptop.

At the beginning of each workshop and before the shootings start an agreement is signed by all participants to look after the personal rights of our hosts and their equine models. Stables, riders and horse-owners recieve some photos from all participants. The photographs captured during the workshops are protected by copyright and can be used for private purposes only. It is not permitted to sell or publish the photos from Christianes workshops and journeys, to use them as portfolios or in any commercial way or publications. Thank you for your understanding.

For detailed information please click on “Photo Workshops” on our website. If you are interested in hosting one of our workshops in your stable or stud feel free to apply.

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by Christiane Slawik

All my life …

… horses have been fascinating for me in a way that I can describe only with difficulty. This feeling and fascination I try to capture with my camera - this one magical moment that not only I can take home with me in my heart but that others can share in my photos.

A moment that can be everything:
Strength and elegance, dynamics, combined with wild and simultaneously gentle spirit. Beauty, innocence and curiosity and again and again the wonderful and permanent will to make it right to man.

One shouldn’t regard horses as using animals. They are so much more. These heavenly creatures are our partners. Infinitely patient, attentive and always ready to give their life for us. They make us proud, they give us luck, harmony and inner peace. If we only allow it they even train our character and take care that we grow beyond ourselves.

Horses are the most astonishing creatures whom I know. Thank you for the many unforgettable hours which I was allowed to spend with you!

Christiane Slawik